Hinds Feet On High Places — my best friend recommended this to me and I will forever be grateful that she did. It’s an old-fashioned allegory about a woman named Much-Afraid (hi there, Alter Ego!) who wants to serve the Great Shepherd but feels hindered by her fear and the smallness of her safe (but not really) life. There is one point in the book where she sacrifices her very self to the Shepherd and instead of it being the loss of everything, it’s the gaining of true peace and joy. WOW. Really helped me wrestle with some Big Questions.

Get Out Of Your Mind and Into Your Life — a revolutionary form of therapy that realizes that trying to avoid pain and suffering — trying to keep yourself from hurting or worrying — is like telling yourself, “Don’t think of a yellow car!” Which of course means you’ll be hard-pressed to think of anything else.  This book helps you work with your mind to heal, not against it.

The Self-Esteem Workbook — my family doctor recommended this years ago; contrary to its cheesy and even misleading title, the book is really about using cognitive-behavioral therapy to change your negative or anxious thought-patterns. Great resource with hands-on practice.

Operating Instructions — Anne Lamott’s memoir of pregnancy and young-motherhood.  A painfully hilarious lifeline.

Anne of Green Gables — the book series I return to when I want to live in a fantasy land for awhile, where life is sweet and beautiful and hopeful and innocent.