I started this blog because my brother-in-law said he’d read a blog if I wrote one.  I also started this blog because my friend Katie’s blog inspires me.  I started this blog to encourage myself to put down on (virtual) paper my thoughts, fears, ideas, hopes and prayers– to have a place to collect my various identities as believer, mother, student, teacher, wife, friend.  And I started this blog in spite of the fact that a) there seems to me something inherently narcissistic about personal blogs;  b) I don’t have time to keep a blog; and c) it frightens me, as a perfectionist, to put myself, unedited and imperfect, “out there.”  To the first reason I hope to answer that this blog isn’t really about ME; to the second I say, “I thrive on procrastination;” to the third I say, “Do something each day that frightens you.”