Last night M and I tried to play hide-and-seek with AE.  It was precious because it was clear she had no idea how it is supposed to work.  First, she and M were supposed to count while I hid, except she expected me to hide in the same place everytime.  Then, we let Daddy hide, except while we were counting, she had her eyes wide open and was peeking around trying to see where he was headed.  Then when it was her turn to hide, she hid in the same spot M had just used.  And while M and I pretended to look for her, I could see her out of the corner of my eye, just standing there in her “hiding place,” smiling expectantly.  I think she’d have stayed there as long as we pretended to be looking for her.

Later, she was playing with  her favorite babydoll, and I asked her, “What’s your baby’s name?”  She thought for a minute and replied, “Mommy Ashely.” 

These days she doesn’t really want me to rock her for more than about 15 seconds.  Once I put her into bed and try to start rubbing her back, she’ll say, “Mommy, you go shower and go night-night.  Close the door!”

And that’s that!