A friend of M’s from his L.A. days took a trip to Kenya once and it changed her life.  Here is her story:

In 2005 The Samburu Project’s founder, Kristen Kosinski, traveled to Kenya in pursuit of realizing a lifelong dream; communing with, learning from, and facilitating the empowerment of African women. What she found was mutual inspiration.

Upon her arrival in Samburu, Kristen stumbled upon a women’s village in the District and connected with the village’s founder who worked with women’s groups throughout the Samburu District. Together, they set out on a safari like no other, traveling throughout the district, moving from village to village meeting hundreds of women. During those weeks, the story Kristen heard over and over and over again was the fact that Samburu women have no access to clean water and this lack of clean water affects every day and every aspect of their lives.

Learning first-hand this daily struggle, Kristen was inspired to empower these women by drilling wells. With that, she gave up her life in the entertainment industry, flew back to the Los Angeles and launched The Samburu Project.

Another blog I frequently read recently promoted a similar foundation that provides wells in areas where clean water is only a dream.  She is a photographer and mother, and she posted a photo of a mother’s hand giving her small child a clean glass of water.  Such a simple, unremarkable act and yet, as she noted, 4,500 children per day (in one statistic) die because of lack of clean drinking water.

There are so many, many, many worthy causes to support this Christmas and every day.  Today, I celebrate the work of Kristen Kosinski and the Samburu Project.  Consider donating in honor of someone you love.